Chef'sChoice Diamond Hone Multistage Knife Sharpener (White) –

Chef'sChoice Diamond Hone Multistage Knife Sharpener (White)

$ 80.00 $ 62.99

Brand Chef'sChoice

The Diamond Hone Multi-stage Knife Sharpener by Chef's Choice is a professional-grade electric sharpener that is precision-engineered to give you a razor-sharp, long-lasting edge safely and quickly in a patented two-stage process. Using 100% diamond wheel abrasives and magnetic knife guides, the Diamond Hone is the perfect way to refine all of your favorite tools, from chef's knives to fishing tackle to hunting equipment! UL and ETL-approved, the Diamond Hone is assembled in the USA and comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

• 2-stage 100% diamond abrasives

• Razor sharp, double-bevel edges - tip to bolster

• Patented Bi-Level magnetic guides for easy, foolproof sharpening

• For kitchen, household, fillet, and pocket knives

• Safe for quality knives, never detempers

• Compact, safe, and easy to use

• Made in USA